Basic Income – May 18th, 19:30 in Utrecht

After discussing the politics of technology and the future of labour in previous DiEM Citizen University seminars, we will now take the time to discuss the Universal Basic Income, which is often presented as a solution to current developments in labour markets.

During this seminar Socrates Schouten will share his concernd that a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in a capitalist society may, instead of driving the development towards post-capitalism, rather work in the favour of capitalists. He will therefore approach the UBI from a transition perspective. How can we make the thinking about a basic income instrumental in realizing the transition towards a sustainable, solidary and democratic European society? – and vice versa. Schouten will also relate the UBI to the discussion about ‘the commons’.

Michel Neeleman will set out the DiEM25 position on a universal basic dividend, which differs from current proposals for basic income by not being tax-funded. He will then follow with a presentation on the flaws in most proposals for a basic income and present a viable alternative.


  • Socrates Schouten is researcher and author on sustainable economics (
  • Michel Neeleman is a member of DiEM25 and active in DSC Utrecht. Michel started his company in November 2016. Gracian Services is being developed with the aim to establish a platform to aid the socially responsible citizen with guidance for an autonomous, productive and fullfilling personal lifestyle.

Chair and introduction by Dick Pels

Date and time: 18th of May at 19.30h

Location: Universiteit voor Humanistiek, Kromme Nieuwegracht 29, Utrecht. Room 0.22.

click here for the video of our seminar