DiEM25 and DiEM25 Nederland

DiEM25 (the Democracy in Europe Movement) was founded in Berlin on 9 February 2016. It is a Europe-wide organisation dedicated to the democratisation of the European Union over the next decade. Its founding principles are set out in its manifesto, available in both a full version and a shorter summary.

Below please find the economic aims in a nutshell:

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In order to foster a truly participatory structure, DiEM25 is organised through local DiEM Spontaneous Collectives (DSCs), small groups of 5-15 members who meet regularly to discuss actions and policies. These DSCs also work together in regional and national coalitions. DiEM25NL is the Dutch national body, which aims to bring together the more than 1200 members of DiEM25 in the Netherlands. You can find out more about DiEM25’s democratic structure by reading its Organising Principles.

There are currently DSCs in the following Dutch cities:

DiEM25NL hopes to see many more DSCs developing in the course of 2017.

Dutch DiEM25 members have already taken part in mass action against the proposed CETA and TTIP agreements, which would be damaging in themselves but which also illustrate, in the way they have been negotiated, the profoundly undemocratic nature of the current European Union. We have also contributed to the formulation of DiEM25’s policy on transparency, the first priority in EU reform.

DiEM25NL has also established the DiEM Citizen University, which organises regular seminars on topics such as the ‘green transition’, the future of labour in Europe, and European and national identities.

Please find below an introductory video showing what  DiEM25  stands for.