DiEM25’s latest deliberations and plans

Dear DSCs,  (please forward this to all members)
We are writing to you following the successful meetings in Berlin to communicate to you our thoughts and concerns regarding DiEM25’s latest deliberations and plans.
Ever since the event in Rome two months ago, we DiEMers have been discussing how we should give the European New Deal an electoral expression. The dedicated forum for this topic (https://diem25.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=176, must be logged in to access) has been visited by over 2000 members now. However, on the stage of the Volksbühne, a statement was made which referred to the process for moving towards an announcement on 9th September that DiEM25 would become a transnational pan-European party. As the CC we regret that, caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment, the phrasing was less careful than it ought to have been, leaving out and not emphasizing enough internal democratic processes that will lead to any such announcement or indeed decision. Rest assured that, as is our basic organising principle, all members and DSCs will be given an active and equal role in reaching any such decision.
The CC’s view on the matter is that, in countries where political parties exist who are willing to adopt our basic values and the European New Deal, DiEM25 should support them wholeheartedly, just as we supported Zagreb is OURS. And in countries lacking such political forces, DiEM25 should consider running independently. The European party would thus not be monolithic but an alliance of forces who agree on basic values and the European New Deal.
We are asking DSCs to discuss the issue of a transnational pan-European party. The forum can serve for horizontal discussion between individual members and DSCs in various countries. Additionally, please survey DSC members and summarise your views to the CC before the end of July. Then we will start an all-member vote in order to come to a collective decision well ahead of the Brussels event.
Carpe DiEM!
Judith Meyer, Srećko Horvat and Yanis Varoufakis
on behalf of the CC