Our new DiEM25 NL server with our new public and team websites was launched on April 6

On April 6th we celebrated a milestone! DiEM25 Nederland has its own very secure server hosting it’s own public site diem25.nl and the team site(s).

After the necessary discussions and voting on choice of hosting partner, we prioritized safety and continuity, and created our new VPS with the hosting company Flexwebhosting, who are now also our biggest sponsors.

We rebuilt our public site and added new team sites to it, so that each and every DiEM25 NL member can access all DSC and NL-Team information from one single screen.

The central screen links through to all DiEM25 sites and social sites, and to all info on Agendas, Calendars, Minutes, Who’s Who, Action Initiatives, DiEM25 Proposals, DiEM25 structure, etc. Furthermore, it links through to all external collaboration tools as well.

So, want to start a new initiative, look no further, click here! (Make sure your DSC webmaster has added you as a user first of course.)