Proposal starting a National Committee

As our movement is growing fast and some of us have been more active in organizing events and communications we have come to the conclusion a National Committee would be a useful addition to the current structure in the Netherlands. Both from a personal capability and capacity perspective, as well as being able to handle the growing workload and introducing the necessary democratic controls a larger movement requires a next step to be taken.

This fact was discussed with the DiEM25 Coordinating Committee and as a result they are welcoming the Netherlands to pilot a setup of a National Committee structure. Please check out enclosed document for reference ( ).

This is where you all come in. We would like to invite all DSC’s to propose (at least) 1 member as a DSC representative to the NC. The NC representative is required to be both willing and capable of active participation in the NC: working with team members to help initiate pan-DSC / national events and support and coordinate organizational matters, e.g. administrative, event and funding organization at a national level.

In addition we would like to invite any (yet) non-DSC affiliated members and all of those with specific expertise and skills that can help grow the DiEM25 organization to make themselves known and volunteer for a place in the NL-NC.

The NC, should preferably have representation by 1-2 members from each of the local DSC’s with additional volunteers helping out. At the start the NC will consist of the most active members that have been instrumental in getting DiEM25NL to this stage and any further representatives from the DSC’s and members that will enlist. At a later stage rules for election and/or appointment of NC members will have to be agreed upon by the Dutch DSC community.

If there are any reactions to this proposal, please send them to before the 24th of April. To enlist as a prospect NL-NC member (please go to log on to the website and enter your log on details, in case you have not done so before and) send an e-mail before the end of May to with a description of the skills, tasks and activities you want to start out with.

Hope to see many of you soon in a NC capacity or otherwise.

Please send us an e-mail ( if you want to get involved in the procedure of setting up the NL-NC