The video’s of the BOZAR event in Brussels

Here are some short summary video clips of the BOZAR event, followed by the full 3+ hours streamed video at the end.


To get you invigorated we start of with Jeff Sach’s compelling performance:


Alice Mary Higgins, independent member of the Irish Senate, notes that “Europe has gone from a democratic deficit to a democratic *disconnect*”:


Next from Yanis Varoufakis the introduction followed by the explanation of the European New Deal:


Below please find the explanation of the history and future of European New Deal:


Rosemary on the Brussels lobby power and the unempowered people:


Lorenzo Marsili in top form on the importance of transforming Europe:


And in the last short clip Jonas Staal looks at DiEM25 from an Artist’s perspective:


Finally, below please find the full 3hr06m registration, as it was streamed on the 9th of september, 2017: