DiEM25 Citizen Universiteit (DCU)

The DiEM Citizen University is an initiative of DiEM25 in the Netherlands, which aims to provide a forum for wide-ranging discussion of topics relevant to DiEM25’s policy agenda. It strives to be space in which matters of citizenship can openly be discussed and citizen identities formulated and reformulated on the basis of equality.

Its university-like character is reflected in the fact that issues are addressed in an open-minded atmosphere, without any assumption of specific answers. Its aim is to stimulate thought and generate discussion; keynote speakers are drawn from appropriate fields of knowledge, but it is the discussion among participants from widely-differing backgrounds which is the essential feature of these events, which are held approximately monthly during the academic year. The meetings are open to all.

Those held so far have been on

  • The ‘green transition’
  • The future of labour in Europe
  • European identity vs. national identity.

The next DCU seminar will be held on 26 January 2017, with the topic ‘Confronting the Politics of Fear’. More details soon!