Groen Investeren en EU Duurzaamheidsbeleid

(Deze bijeenkomst wordt in het Engels gehouden, derhalve is de tekst in het Engels gelaten.)

Steering the global economic system towards a new configuration able to achieve social justice, to fight climate change and to ensure a high pace of scientific development represents the most important endeavour that our society is undertaking. As such, it requires assertive actions from multiple fronts.

Currently, the world is still struggling with the social and macro-economic effects of the global crisis triggered by the implosion of the finance bubble in 2008. In this context, Europe is afflicted by scarce investment, a slow recovery from the economic crisis and an ever more apparent democratic crisis. In this problematic context the question is not just how Europeans will ultimately achieve sustainability but also what the path to get there will look like.

It is therefore fundamental to identify the strategic areas of investment, analyse their potential global and local economic, the social implications as well as identify potential funding.

Date and time: 17th of May 2017 at 19:00h
Location: The HYF – Torenstraat 140, 2513BW The Hague


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